The Fabulous 50's & 60's


Reviewer: Barbara L. Fredricksen

Periodical:  Tampa Bay Times

"It's the individual cast members who provide the moments of delight, particularly Nick Orfanella, who sings a lovely Maria from West Side Story and accompanies himself and the cast on guitar for the most enjoyable segments of the show — the Kingston Trio's The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) and Bob Dylan's Blowing in the Wind, for example."


Reviewer: Marsha Reiners 

Periodical:  Hernando Today
"Everyone had a favorite performer on opening night. The folks at our table loved the smooth voice of Nick Orfanella who also played the folk guitar. With his rendition of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind," you could hear hushed voices from all around the room joining in."



A Christmas Carol


Reviewer: Joanne Milani

Periodical:  The Tampa Tribune

"Nor will you shake off the silent, totally frightening, 10-foot-tall specter of death that is Christmas Future (Nick Orfanella hidden under a cloak)."



Fiddler on the Roof


Reviewer: Mark E. Leib

Periodical:  Creative Loafing Tampa Bay

"A few performers are so right that they leave a lasting impression. There’s Nick Orfanella, who as the tailor Motel, seems just the sort of awkward, nerdish Hebrew student that the shtetls of East Europe were once filled with (and who were murdered en masse during the Holocaust)."





Reviewer:  John Brandenburg

Perioidical: NewsOK

"Nick Orfanella had the right merry, mischievous energy and self-absorption as Berger, leading the hippie tribe in such mocking, satiric songs as “Donna" and 'Going Down." Orfanella and Monnot also teamed to lead the tribe in the musical's title song, an irresistible musical celebration of hair, and especially long hair, almost for its own sake, as a kind of life force."

Reviewer: Eric Webb

Perioidical: Oklahoma Gazette
"Doing his best to steal the show up front, as he should, is Nick Orfanella as Berger. Trading in his pants for a loincloth in the first few minutes, he does a great job of setting the evening’s fun, fearless tone."



Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


Reviewer: Barbara L. Fredricksen

Periodical:  Tampa Bay Times

"The cast is across-the-board awesome, but watch especially for the always-pleasing Nick Orfanella as Judah, Benjamin's defender in the upbeat Benjamin Calypso."


Reviewer: Marsha Reiners 

Periodical:  Hernando Today
"Nick Orfanella as Judah, Benjamin's defender, gives a strong performance."



Show Palace Christmas


Reviewer: Marsha Reiners

Periodical:  Hernando Today
his is a cast of consummate professionals. Nick Orfanella, as Jimmy, strums the guitar, and puts a country twang onto his velvet vocals, with the original tune, "Christmas, Florida." Later he sings "Leroy the Redneck Reindeer," which, if recorded on ITunes would be a new country Christmas classic."



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